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Miracle Spritz

Solar Panel Cleaner 22oz spray bottle by Miracle Spritz

Solar Panel Cleaner 22oz spray bottle by Miracle Spritz

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Solar panels are all about harnessing clean, renewable energy. And the cleaner you keep them the more efficient they are.

Add Miracle Spritz Solar Panel Cleaner.

Our cleaner is specially engineered for solar panels. After all, solar cells are made primarily from silicon, a chemical element with conductive properties. Exposure to light changes silicon’s electrical characteristics, which generates an electric current.

So, this isn't like any other surface. Thus, you can't use any other liquid to keep it clean. Our cleaner is designed to maximize your solar efficiency. It's streak-free and has a low ionization.

Dirt, dust, grime, pollen, debris, and other particulates that accumulate on the solar pane affect how much sunlight gets through to convert light to energy. Thus, the solar panel conversion efficiency is reduced.

So, while paying to have solar panels cleaned is not generally recommended, it pays to do a little freshening up now and then.

That's what our product is for. Do it yourself, save money, and do it right. It's all about efficiency and power optimization.


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